Ric O’Barry is a tireless fighter for dolphin protection. For many years he has been travelling to Japan to document the dolphin hunt in the Taiji cove and to support local conservationists – until 2016, when the Japanese government decided to deport Ric O’Barry from Japan and to impose an entry ban on him.

Yesterday, three years and eight months later, the Tokyo District Court has declared that both his denial of entry and deportation were without legal merit and therefore be revoked. In his first statement, Mr. O’Barry thanked the judges and confirmed: “I have never violated the Japanese legal system and will continue to respect the rule of law. I look forward to seeing your beautiful country and all of my Japanese friends once again, especially those who work tirelessly to abolish the unnecessary dolphin slaughter in Taiji. I will continue to support their peaceful movement in a respectful manner as a law abiding tourist.”

Ric O’Barry has also been the main protagonist of the documentary THE COVE, which has been awarded an Oscar as the best documentary and several other film awards. In December 2015, just a few weeks before the entry ban, OceanCare and SHIFTING VALUES hosted a special screening of THE COVE in Vienna, including a discussion with Ric O’Barry and an art action named STAY WILD.

We wish Ric O’Barry all the best for his work to end to cruel dolphin hunt in Taiji.

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