We don’t eat dogs!

And why not?

Farm animal or livestock?
Our valuation makes a difference.

Food for life

The term ‘livestock’ reduces an animal’s existence to serving human purposes as a commodity. This results in a lack of respect and in keeping animals under conditions which ignore their needs and cause tremendous suffering. We need food to live and thus it should be regarded a very valuable asset. However, we think that many people, particularly in western industrialised countries, lost this attitude. It seems secondary or even irrelevant, how food is being produced and where it comes from. Buying decisions follow the cheapest price or the taste-buds’ delight.

Food is valuable and accordingly it should be rated highly.
Governments are responsible for creating a suitable framework in many ways:

  • Living and working conditions of people involved in food production
  • Awareness and education
  • Habitat preservation and environmental protection
  • Compliance with climate protection goals
  • Health
  • Local and seasonal food sourcing
  • Obligatory food labelling for transparent consumer information
  • Respectful conduct towards animals in food production

SHIFTING VALUES takes on the issue of food production and consumption, and stands for a shift in values towards treating animals in agriculture more respectfully and reducing the consumption of animal-based food.