The second special screening of the documentary Whale Like Me in the Cine Center in Vienna was very successful, too. More than 150 guests followed the invitation from OceanCare and SHIFTING VALUES  to watch the film and to take part in a lively discussion with filmmaker Malcolm Wright and producer Leah Lemieux.

After watching the film, Dr. Reinhard Uhrig, Head of Campaigns at GLOBAL 2000 / Friends of the Earth Austria, sent us an inspiring reflexive note which we would like to bring to your attention:

“Malcom Wright’s film Whale Like Me is very different from any other film about whaling that I have ever seen: by approaching the whaling communities with respect, Malcom manages to get into closely-knit communities and develop a deeper understanding of the cultural roots of this archaic form of hunting. Several other films fail in this by creating an “outsider” situation within whaling communities that wants to change them, thus subverting and even perverting the effort of conservationists to achieve a real change towards an end to whaling. Through Malcolm’s approach, the whalers can enter the debate without being pushed into a corner. Another important element that Malcom’s film uses is the notion of reciprocity between human and non-human persons thus also embarking on the question about rights. With its many complexities, Malcom’s film is a brilliant contribution to the discussion of protecting these animal species that has become symbolic of the struggle to protect the environment – as well as being a showcase in what well-prepared campaigning can achieve in behavioural change, and what it cannot”

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