On Thursday evening, May 24th, 2018, the CineCenter in Vienna hosted the Austrian premiere of the documentary “KANGAROO – A Love-Hate Story”. This documentary uncovers the previously unknown scale of kangaroo hunting in Australia, which usually takes place at night. Far more than 1.5 million of these marsupials, which were once worshipped as the continent’s iconic animals, get shot every year to end up as dog and cat food, leather for the fashion industry or increasingly also on the plates of human consumers, particularly in Europe. The dark figure of shot animals is far higher, while the official hunting quota is currently set at 6 million animals per year.

After the screening, Nicolas Entrup, founder of SHIFTING VALUES, producer Mick McIntyre, and the audience discussed aspects of the film, the hunt, issues of coexistence of wildlife and man, as well as options to have this topic discussed in public in order to make decision makers act. The successful, albeit disturbing evening was made round by vegan finger food and drinks.

SHIFTING VALUES says thank you to all those interested people who accepted the invitation, and to Mick and Kate McIntyre for their exceptional efforts in producing the documentary. The producers now continue their awareness raising tour to England, Germany, and Spain. We hope that there will be more screenings of this documentary in Austria.

Please find further information at: http://kangaroothemovie.com/

We are happy to provide advice: contact@shiftingvalues.com