… can change the lives of millions of animals. The World Bank is in the final stages of the revision of its investment policies. Animal welfare was not an issue up to now. This might – must – change.

Humane Society International launched an awareness campaign to prompt International Finance Institutions and Export Credit Agencies to tie capital grants to animal welfare criteria, i.e. minimum farm animal husbandry standards. Up to now, animal welfare has been ignored and millions of dollars have been disbursed to projects where farm animals are suffering from extreme confinement.

Further, investment capital was mainly provided to market leading companies in the animal production industry, which indicates that public monies have been used regardless of potential negative consequences for the countries’ agricultural production structures.

International Finance Institutions, including the World Bank Group, are operating with public monies. We are convinced that in the 21st century investment criteria have to include animal welfare and minimum farm animal husbandry standards, including a ban on laying hen and broiler cages, and on sow stalls.

Send your opinion, your protest directly to the World Bank Group executive directors: HSI protest action

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