For two decades, Nicolas Entrup, founder of SHIFTING VALUES, has been closely and successfully working together with Dr. Margi Prideaux, who is among the most experienced experts in the field of multilateral environmental agreements and international environmental policy. In this Guest-Blog, she presents her new project – the foundation of a publishing house.

Guest blog by Dr. Margi Prideaux, Wild Migration

When Nelson Mandela famously said ‘education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’, he was inspiring a generation of readers to think, read and act.

For centuries we have gained knowledge of the natural world through science, but today’s thought-provoking environmental literature—eco-literature—is interlaced with a relevance and empathy that propels discussion and enriches understanding. It is a collaboration a growing readership is turning towards to understand their place in the world—to reconnect.

Stormbird Press understands this. As an imprint of Wild Migration, with a deep connection to the global conservation movement, we are different from other publishers. As if nature were not beautiful enough, we deliver fiction and nonfiction stories that passionately communicate reverence for the places, plants and animals, habitats and ecosystems of our shared home—Earth.

Throughout human history, legends and lores have been connected to birds and feathers—for their affiliation with the air and heavens, and their power to evoke charity, hope and faith. Around campfires, beside streams, across tundras, under the shadow of mountains or the wide branches of mighty trees, Stormbird Press delivers narrative based on observations and experience, profound insight and wisdom built over generations, which carry like feathers in the wind.

From conservation heroes to hidden deep-sea coral, symmetrical snowflakes to apocalyptic tsunamis, Stormbird Press stories enliven the human soul.

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Stormbird Press: Defending nature and empowering communities through the power of story.