OceanCare and Shifting Values invites you to the first screening in Austria of the touching documentary WHALE LIKE ME, including panel discussion with the director Malcolm Wright and producer Leah Lemieux.

What is the nature of whales and our relationship with them? What does their behaviour towards us tell us about them? And what does our behaviour towards them tell us about us? There is a challenge in these questions. “It is my hope that each person who sees it will accept the invitation to embark on a journey of their own” says Malcolm Wright, who spent 10 years producing this extraordinary documentary. It is now for you to see and reflect on it and answer these questions for yourself.

Malcolm Wright, film producer, starts out for a journey of discovery. His decade-long journey across continents and cultures leads Malcolm beneath the surface of our relationship with whales, and with each other. He develops relationships with five whalers in places as diverse as rural Japan, the eastern Caribbean, and the rugged North Atlantic. Trading in the trust he has earned, Malcolm invites the whalers on their own journey of discovery.

Whale Like Me cuts through the charged and complex layers of the whaling conflict to reveal a surprisingly simple core, builds bridges, and culminates in transformative moments that changes Malcolm, the whalers, and the film’s audience.

When: Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 18:30

Where: Filmcasino, Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Wien

Personal registration required: contact@shiftingvalues.com. Admission free. Number of participants limited.

Film in English.