In an open letter to the Russian and Chinese Ministers of Defence, as well as to NATO Secretary General, marine conservation NGO OceanCare calls for compliance with regional and international species conservation agreements – also by the military!

Media are currently reporting on manoeuvres by the Chinese and Russian navies in the Mediterranean Sea. But NATO, too, is carrying out manoeuvres in the region every year. The map below illustrates numerous atypical whale strandings in recent years in the Mediterranean that correlate with intensive noise activities – mostly by navies. For all of this geopolitical sabre-rattling, we must not forget that already now a large number of marine animals are among the victims. OceanCare is calling on the Russian and Chinese Governments as well as on NATO to observe effective regional and international species conservation regulations!

Intensive noise activities can drive whales and other marine animals away from vital habitats, disrupt their communication or even kill the animals.

Read the open letter here