ALL RI§E files charges at International Criminal Court

On Tuesday, 12th of October 2021, the newly founded non-profit organisation ALL RI§E submitted its complaint against Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The 300-page document focuses on acts for which Jair Bolsonaro has been responsible since taking office in 2019 and which are related to the deliberate and purposeful destruction of the Amazon rainforest. A major new step of this action is the concrete calculation of the effects of deforestation and destruction of the Amazon on the global climate and on all of humanity. The document was prepared by experienced lawyers and by climatologists from Oxford University.

In parallel to filing the legal action, ALL RI§E also launches the public initiative “The Planet vs.”.


You can help this initiative as a multiplier by spreading information about the initiative via your social networks, signing the petition and/or supporting the initiative with a donation.

For more information about the initiative, the legal complaint in full, support options, as well as the ALL RI§E team and advisory board, please visit:

Together with Johannes Wesemann, Wolfram Proksch, Rene Kuppe, and Harald Friedl, Nicolas Entrup is a founding member and board member of ALL RI§E.

Find some media reports selected from the global coverage of the launch here: