In 2012 the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize. Uniting European countries resulted in the longest period of peace in western and central Europe. Today, seven years later, nationalism and separation threaten the future of the European Union. What happened?

The initiative #loveyouEU is about calling to mind the values that evolved within the European Union over the decades, defending what has been achieved, but also addressing new challenges and evolving this project further.

To do so, it is important to increase public participation in political decision processes. The most fundamental process in that context are elections. It needs to be the objective to counter the trend of decreasing participation in the European Parliament elections.

Participate in the VOTE!
Between 23 and 26 of May 2019 the EU Parliament elections take place.
In 2014 just 28% of the voters between 18 and 24 years of age participated. It’s time to become more political again.

The #loveyouEU initiative promotes higher participation in the EP elections with the motto MY FUTURE. MY CHOICE. It’s also time for a pro-European style as an expression of being European.


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