A movement in motion! Under the motto “I run – You give – We help”, the initiative “Home Run – we run for homeless” supports the work by VinziRast to provide homeless persons with a roof over their head. Become part of this movement!

An extremely cold winter is especially hard for those, who – for different reasons – not even have a roof over their heads. Homelessness is a steady element of our 21st century societies, and in fact a sign of their fundamental shortcomings.

The city of Vienna is certainly exemplary in its efforts to provide shelter to people in need, and Vienna is among the cities with the highest standard of living. However, not everybody has a home. Official and private initiatives work together with one aim: giving people a roof over their heads.

The organisation VinziRast, founded by Cecily Corty, is a splendid example of humaneness and efficiency. It runs several facilities where mainly volunteers care for people in need. One of these facilities is the homeless shelter in Meidling, Vienna. An institution that is really essential for people, especially in winter.

An institution needing your support. And Home Run is an initiative requesting this support.
The aim: “Providing homeless persons with a roof over their heads.”

The initiative has its finishing line at the Vienna City Marathon on the 23rd of April, 2017 – until then, we motivate people to join the Home Run.

And first off: You don’t have to run yourself to take part in the initiative.

Please find all information on the initiative’s website. Nicolas Entrup, founder of Shifting Values, will run his Home Run, too, and looks forwarding to motivating donations which directly go towards the work of VinziRast.

Ways to support the initiative:

  • Create you profile picture with the “roof over the head” and use the hashtag #homerunvienna in your communication.
  • Like and share the initiative’s facebook page and invite your friends to join in.

Motivate your friends who like running and maybe want to run their personal Home Run at the Vienna City Marathon, be it over the whole or half distance or as a relay team. We send a campaign guide to the runners, but the information can also easily be accessed at www.homerunvienna.com.

We look forward to welcoming you as a part of the initiative Home Run!